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Doctor Page

1. What is WonDRx?

WonDRx is the most innovative in-clinic practice management solution which DOESN’T force you to change your behavior of writing, make large investment in expensive laptop/desktop/printer or go through the pain of learning the usual market softwares etc. Just by writing on your new WonDRx SMART Prescription Pad, it automates your Patient records and much more. You continue to write and WonDRx digitizes the entire Prescription. All you need to do is replace your existing pen and prescription pad with WonDRx Digital pen and WonDRx smart prescription pad (the new smart Rx pad is designed as per your needs). With WonDRx you can give your Patients an awesome experience in-clinic and post clinic as well.

2. What is so special about WonDRx Pad/paper?

WonDRx prescription paper is designed specially to be used with the WonDRx digital pen. It helps to capture and digitize the information on the prescription paper. It uses unique technology that enables conversion of ordinary paper into a powerful smart paper and captures all the information written by the doctor. It allows better management of patients by enabling you to show and share educational videos or record your instructions simply by ticking on the smart WonDRx prescription paper. It helps your patients stay connected to you even after they leave your clinic.

3. What is the use of this WonDRx Pen?

WonDRx digital pen is specially designed for using with the WonDRx prescription paper to digitize the information written on the WonDRx prescription paper.

4. What is the use of this WonDRx Tablet?

WonDRx tablet is specially designed for running the WonDRx application. WonDRx application is an effortless in clinic practice management tool which comes along with an intuitive pen and prescription interface. It digitizes your prescription with the help of WonDRx digital pen and WonDRx paper.

5. How is WonDRx Kit ordered?

You can order your WonDRx kit online by filling the order form or by sending a mail at or by calling us at +91-8454801234.

6. How to order for new Rx pad?

You can order your WonDRx pads by placing an order from your WonDRx application on the WonDRx tablet and processing its payment.

7. Is the patient data safe and secured?

We take patient data privacy very seriously. Only the Doctor and the connected ecosystem as per the specifications from doctor/patient will be able to view and access the information.

Does it require special training to use WonDRx Kit?

WonDRx is an effortless in clinic practice management tool comprising of a digital pen and prescription interface. All you need to do is replace your existing pen and prescription pad with WonDRx Digital pen and WonDRx prescription pad to digitize your patient interaction. WonDRx helps you to achieve prescription digitization without changing your habit of writing prescriptions. There is negligible learning curve and training requirement.

8. Can use a normal pen to write on this WonDRx prescription paper?

The power of WonDRx solution lies with the use of digital pen together with the smart WonDRx prescription paper. If you use a normal pen, WonDRx prescription paper is just another simple prescription which will not record any patient or clinic data. To capture & digitize your clinical practice, you will need to use both the digital pen and the WonDRx paper together. Digitization allows you to reap all the other benefits of WonDRx application and create a wow experience for your patients.

9. Can a doctor use one account and practice at multiple clinics?

Yes, a doctor can use one account and practice at multiple clinics. With WonDRx, doctor just needs to carry his unique pen, prescription pad and the tablet to all the clinics where he offers his consultation and writes prescriptions.

10. Can the same prescription paper on which I had written earlier be reused?

Save paper, save trees, save the planet. Keeping this in mind, WonDRx has created a mechanism to reuse the same prescription paper. This will help you to record additional medical and treatment details of the same patient on the same prescription paper which was used earlier. You will see a new version created in your prescription screen. However, you should not write on the back side of the prescription paper as that will not get digitized.

Healthcare Service Partner Page

1. What is WonDRx?

WonDRx is a lead generating platform. WonDRx solution connects health care partners to the doctors and the patients. WonDRx technology enables real time digitization of the Doctor’s written prescription which is then shared with the healthcare service providers. Digitized prescription is shared by the doctor or the patient themselves. This can happen almost immediately once the doctor submits the prescription. This in turn allows healthcare providers like chemists, labs etc to service customers more efficiently and create a customer loyalty.

2. How to use WonDRx?

WonDRx is an easy to use mobile application. All you need is a good internet connectivity to view the prescription and cater to the needs of your customer. All this is possible with zero learning curve and negligible training.

3. Is WonDRx an online pharmacy platform?

WonDRx is NOT an online pharmacy platform. WonDRx is a digital platform that gives you rapid and easy access to the consumer who is in the need of medicines or other health care services like lab tests, scans etc. WonDRx is a platform through which the doctor or the patient can share the prescription with you ( pharmacists, pathologists, dietitians, yoga practitioners, fitness experts and everyone else who can serve the patient).

4. Does WonDRx platform help in connecting with doctors?

Yes, with WonDRx application you can connect with the doctors. Just fill the online form with the details of the doctor that you would like to connect with or send an email at or call at+91- 8454801234.

5. When will the prescription be available on the WonDRx application?

The prescription will be available on the WonDRx application as and when the doctor or the patient shares the prescription with you. As soon as your partnering doctor completes his/her prescription and sends it to you, you would instantly get a notification of the prescription on your WonDRx application.

6. Can patients order medication through WonDRx application?

Yes, patients can order medication through the WonDRx application.

7. Will WonDRx team support me in marketing and digitizing my services to new consumers

Yes, WonDRx team will display all WonDRx partners to all the customers looking for medicines or any other healthcare services in locations near them.

Patient Page

1. What is WonDRx?

WonDRx is a mobile application for managing and storing your health-related data and assisting with your health care needs outside of doctors’ clinics. WonDRx application stores and helps you to view Doctor’s prescriptions and listen to doctors’ instructions as and when needed. WonDRx enables you to connect, communicate and avail services from other healthcare providers like labs, chemists, scan centres etc and see their location with reference to your location in real time.

2. Can I access my prescription anytime?

Yes, WonDRx prescription is accessible anytime, anywhere in a digital format on your WonDRx application.

3. How does WonDRx help me as a patient?

WonDRx is a digital platform that stores your prescription and makes it accessible to you whenever required to be viewed or shared. WonDRx app allows you to locate different healthcare providers like doctors, hospitals, chemists, labs, scan centres, dietitians, yoga practitioners, fitness experts etc, near you as and when you need their services. Besides this WonDRx app stores doctors’ audio instructions, and educational videos, and much more.

4. Can I order medicines and diagnostic test through WonDRx?

Yes, WonDRx application connects you to the chemists, pathology labs and other partners (connected with WonDRx). You can order medicines and diagnostic tests through the partners of your choice (or recommended by your doctor) either by calling them or by sharing your prescription with them through the WonDRx app.