About Us

Based out of Mumbai, India, WonDRx (Pronounced as Wonder Rx) team has been working meticulously to bring this most innovative solution to you with a sole objective that this solution will solve real-life problems in healthcare.

Across the globe, prescriptions are still written with a pen onto a paper and this behaviour of writing a prescription is here to stay – it is part of the Doctor’s DNA. WonDRx bridges the Physical to Digital gap. Imagine digitizing doctors' prescription records across the globe in real-time while they are being written. Imagine having full patient information anytime anywhere so that doctors can make the right decisions for their patients. WonDRx enables all of that and much more.

We are here to help doctors continue to deliver excellent patient care.  WondRx ensures that your prescription provides your patients with all the care and help that they need even after your consultation ends. For your patients it makes all prescription records available at one place, easily accessible whenever they really need them.

WonDRx is a futuristic and smart solution that also  helps  to digitize the services of other healthcare partners thereby successfully creating a world of connected healthcare.

To solve real healthcare problems is our motto. We are driven to improve the healthcare experience of all. We remain committed to you!