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WonDRx prescription serves as the foundation of connected healthcare, an approach that is going to simplify the lives of not only the patients but also the healthcare practitioners.

Welcome to the world of WonDRx smart Rx– a unique experience and convenience built for the healthcare domain.

WonDRx is the only solution that you will ever need to be in control.

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Your patient needs more of your eye-contact and personal attention, not your computer. With the WonDRx smart prescription, the best and the most advanced medical software, you will be able to give your patients all the attention they need.

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most innovative way
of Rx-writing.

Give your patients a never-before experience and shift to WonDRx smart Rx paper.

Say goodbye to putting efforts in digitizing your prescriptions and do away with all the expensive softwares that promise you convenience.

WonDRx is a unique solution to serve all the healthcare needs of your patients and that too, without you having to learn anything new or investing on expensive softwares. WonDRx smart prescription cum medical software helps you to be in better control of your practice and your patient’s journey towards better outcomes. These benefits and many more make WonDRx the best Rx software available in India right now.

Writing your Rx on WonDRx smart Rx paper does all this for you:

Digitizes prescriptions as you write
on WonDRx Smart Rx paper

Helps record relevant sections
of your consultation and share with your patients – it’s just a tick away on the WonDRx paper

Plays relevant educational videos
during Patient consultation. Touch the video widget and see a video play instantly or touch the share widget & share the video with your patient.

Connects you with the
healthcare partners

Tracks your Rx compliance
with all your partners

Guides your patients
outside the clinic

Gives your patient
the most unique consultation experience

Keeps you informed
about your patient’s treatment journey

Sets up appointments and gives reminder

Manage all your patient’s information including prescriptions, patient’s records, medical reports at one place.

Follows high encryption standards
to keep data safe and secure

Switch to WonDRx smart Rx and experience
amazing response from your patients

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Be a part of patient journey

Receive the Rx from Doctor and Patient instantly & serve them better

Your consumer will not be away from you anymore. WonDRx integrates Doctor, Patient and You seamlessly to provide an enhanced experience to your consumer.

WonDRx brings the online consumer closer to you. Onboard the WonDRx platform & serve the online consumers in the most convenient way ever and give your business the digital advantage.

WonDRx is allowing you to enhance the healthcare experience for your consumers. Be part of Consumer’s trusted Health partners and download WonDRx App to be closer to your Consumer.

WonDRx, the best Consumer Connect App, provides a digital presence and connects you with doctors and consumers. WonDRx helps in boosting your business and delivering the best of services to your consumers and doctors.

By associating with WonDRx you get:

Pharmacy, Lab, Physio, Dietician or any Healthcare provider
be part of Consumer’s trusted health network

Opportunity to connect with the consumers
and stay connected whenever they need you

Extended radius of business reach
to serve more consumers

Advertising and promotion help
to have a digital presence

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WonDRx - The only healthcare app you will need!

Experience the convenience of connected healthcare. WonDRx has created a strong network of healthcare providers who are delivering an extraordinary service. WonDRx has been specially developed to make your healthcare journey as convenient as possible. Download the app and experience the ease that comes with it.

WonDRx enables the doctors and the healthcare partners to work in sync and bring to you an exceptional healthcare experience.

With the WonDRx app you will get:

Freedom to access
your digitized prescription, anytime

Ease of never having to carry
a hard copy of your prescription

Convenience of replaying
your doctor’s instruction which will ensure no more dosage errors

Access to educational videos
sent by your doctor

Connect with relevant service providers
as soon as you step out of the clinic

Comfort of having
your prescription and your entire medical history at one place - your phone

So wait no more, download the WonDRx app and bring doctors and healthcare partners closer to you

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