WonDRx is a mobile application for managing and storing your health-related data and assisting with your health care needs outside of doctors’ clinics. WonDRx application stores and helps you to view Doctor’s prescriptions and listen to doctors’ instructions as and when you need. WonDRx enables you to connect, communicate and avail services from other healthcare providers like labs, chemists, scan centres etc and see their location with reference to your location in real time.

You can view your prescription by clicking on the Menu icon and selecting the Prescription history option.

Once the doctor has recorded and submitted audio instructions you can listen to it by clicking on Menu icon and selecting Prescription Audio/Video option. All your audio files will be there for you to listen as and when needed.

Yes, you can place your medication order through WonDRx app. You can either select the chemist suggested by your doctor or chose another chemist from the home screen. You will be able to see the chemists and other healthcare partners around you in a 4 km radius. Select your chemist from home screen and click on Share Rx to place your order.

You can view the video shared by your doctor by clicking on Menu icon and select Prescription Audio/Video option to view the video.

Yes, WonDRx app will send you notification for Doctor Appointment and other notifications as and when required.

WonDRx app get auto locked if not used for more than 30 days. To unlock, kindly provide your registered mobile number and submit. You will receive an OTP on your mobile. Please use the OTP to verify your account. On submitting the OTP, you will be able to log into your account successfully.

  • Change in Address

  • Go to your Profile page (My Profile) by clicking on Menu icon from your home page. Click on Edit tab, make the necessary changes to your address and then click on update your address to save your new address.

  • Change in mobile no.

  • Go to your Profile page by clicking on Menu icon from your home page. Replace your old mobile number with your new mobile number, click Save to update your new mobile number.

  • Change in Email

  • Go to your Profile page by clicking on Menu from your home page. Click on Edit and enter your new Email, click Save to update your Email.

    NOTE : An auto email will be sent to your new email account to confirm. You will have to confirm by clicking on the link to update

Data Security

The data is co-owned by doctor & the specified individual only. Through the WonDRx application relevant Rx data will be shared with the desired service providers as per the recommendations of your doctor.

We take patient data privacy very seriously; all data exchange is encrypted to ensure stringent data privacy. Only your Doctor and the connected ecosystem will be able to view the information for a specified time period only as required by the doctor.

No individual can temper or edit the patient’s digital Rx.

Data can be viewed and read on the WonDRx application and cannot be downloaded.

Favourite Partners

Yes, you can refer new partners by clicking on Menu icon and select Refer Us, choose the partner and send the invite


By sending the request for new partner registration on with partner’s basis details such as Name, Mobile Number or Email ID


For any service / product related grievance, just email us at support@wondrx.comand raise a request. The support team will contact the user to resolve the issue.

For more information visit us at WonDRx