Future is a lot dependent on the efforts made towards the desired direction. Well, is the Direction clear or are we still a headless chicken banging around, seeking answers to the Future of Healthcare Ecosystem? Who should decide the future direction and who all should be the stakeholders in this making of the Future? Would we want to cover every aspect of the Future at one go or we can start taking baby steps in the making of this Future?

I guess, with our limited human abilities we better take this issue one by one. Let us look at who all are the stakeholders in the making of this ‘Future of Indian Healthcare Ecosystem’ – will it be Patients – Providers – Payers – Government – Technology enthusiasts – who else? Well, place your comments if more stakeholders can be embedded outside the mentioned ones!!! Post the stakeholders piece, let us look at the various categories that are witnessing a progressive change with help of start-ups and established organizations. Online Pharmacies, Search & eConsult Doctor, Uber model of Diagnostics, eHospital services, eFitness & eWellness, Home care are few to start with. While gross advancements have been made in all these categories, one major strikeout here is a disconnected healthcare. Patient starts the journey with a Doctor visit, purchases the prescribed medicines, gets certain Pathology/Radiology tests done, maybe a visit to a Physio/Dietician and after this entire journey the medical record keeping, compliance to the Doctor’s advice, repeat visits etc keep the Patient busy.

Well, in this entire journey Patient interacts with multiple providers and every single provider is independent with no clue of the entire journey (or as it should be!) that the Patient is taking. For every single purchase/service, the Patient is on his own with a different standalone provider or through a standalone platform. Well this unstructured and disconnected healthcare is a major problem that needs a fix and I would start on the Future from the Patient’s perspective first. Guess the change that we can see coming is the shift from ‘Providers to Platforms’ – lot of dependency on Digital solutions would be coming up, something integrated which can take care of the Patient’s entire journey and enhance convenience at the Patient end while adding value to each Provider.

While the Future beholds a lot more work to be done, we can at least start finding answers to an integrated healthcare platform which adds convenience to every single stakeholder. Today no single leader exists in the integrated healthcare services platform and the leader is yet to emerge. The leader which can take care of the entire Patient’s journey seamlessly while ensuring transparency, convenience, security & cost benefits in the entire journey. As Patient, I would rather have a single platform helping me in my entire healthcare journey instead of multiple Apps on my Phone.

As a Healthpreneur, alongside my friend and co-founder it is a humble beginning in this “Integrated Healthcare” direction. Stay tuned to my channel for the latest updates.

Pankaj Sindhu - Founder

Pankaj Sindhu - Founder

Pankaj is a proven Serial Entrepreneur with 20+ years of total experience in Healthcare domain. He carries an in depth understanding of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare market !


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