WONDRx is a unique platform bringing together the digital world and health care together. In India, healthcare facility is still not accessible to many people. While the big cities do get the advantage of better doctors and facilities, often the people living in rural India miss out even in basic exposure to health care facilities. WONDRx is bringing forward an opportunity where all the people can get access to good health care via their smartphones only. The company has developed 2 healthcare applications and one Smart Kit for Doctors. 

  1. WONDRx Consumer App
  2. WONDRx Provider App

The WONDRx Consumer App has been developed for the patients. Today amidst this pandemic, where people are scared to step out or even earlier this pandemic when getting an appointment with a good doctor was not always feasible, WONDRx understood this problem and bridged the gap between good, well doctors and patients. The WONDRx team chooses well-qualified doctors to be a part of them. The patients can book their appointment with these doctors by simply using the app. 

  • First, the patient will need to download the WONDRx Consumer App from Playstore on their phone.
  • Secondly, go to eConsult Doctors section on your home page
  • Thirdly, select your Doctor for eConsultation and book doctor appointment online. 

WONDRx has curated a list of experienced and reputed doctors from almost all fields for you. You can choose your preferred doctor and book the time slot for eConsult.

The doctor will provide you a consultation in video or audio or chat and get an audio instruction from your doctor too. 

The second app WONDRx Provider App is for the doctors. The doctors can also provide consultations and invite their old patients to join WONDRx and enjoy the benefits. 

The process is very simple and can be done in minutes. 

  • The doctor needs to download the WONDRx Consumer App from Playstore.
  • Then he/she needs to create their profile and create profile tags so that their profile visibility among other patients increases. 

The doctors can anytime call up for assistance regarding these or any other issue the WONDRx team will be happy to help.

The doctors can beautifully set up their digital clinic and be accessible to several other people all across the country via this medium. The process is hassle-free and the doctors are sent a Smart Kit from the company which will come in handy in use for the doctors. 

  1. WONDRx has this beautiful vision to connect people living in the remotest areas of India where the health care facility provided is not enough and has come up with this solution bringing today’s internet and technology along with top-notch health care facility together and aiding people’s lives so easily. 
  2. The process here is easy and any patient can easily register. 
  3. The doctor’s get the chance to interact with people all over the country and serve them without going anywhere. 
  4. It also takes care of the isolated health care stakeholders by providing them a digital platform. 

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