Today the buzz word in the world is covid and unfortunately not for a good reason. The world has been turned upside down since February 2020 for covid. The pandemic started on 31st December 2019 and till now it has claimed almost 900 thousand lives all over the world.

For the past few months, scientists all over the world have been working on vaccines and drugs that can be safe enough to work against the virus. Presently all over the world there is a total of 123 candidates for covid vaccine and 35 of them are in different stages of trials and 88 of them are in the pre-clinical phase. According to scientists and epidemiologists, almost 70% of the population will need a covid vaccine to develop immunity. A covid vaccine will ensure that you do not get this infection again, as yes there are now cases reported of re-infection and if more the majority population has taken the vaccine then ‘herd immunity’ will be established and the ones who have not taken or are in a vulnerable position to not get vaccinated, it will be good for them also.

Over the last couple of months, we all have realized that the development of a potential vaccine can take years. Scientists all over the world are working like crazy to develop a vaccine that works for all age groups. There are major three phases of tests which need to be passed, and if a vaccine has
passed all three stages without any limitations then the efficiency of the vaccine should not be doubted as the tests are conducted on thousands of people and the reports are reviewed by the top world health professionals. It would be safe to say that one should get the vaccination done when
the government and health experts have approved the vaccine and are available in the market.

There are several vaccines being developed and are in their final stages of testing also. The good news is that by 2021 Indians will be able to get a vaccine. You can pre-book your vaccine from the healthcare app WONDRx. It is not only a smart clinic mobile app for doctors where they set up digital clinic for online consultation but it is your one stop solution to all your health problems including pre-booking the vaccine. The digital healthcare set up is new to India but it has brought about such a
tremendous change in a positive way that the setup of physical clinics are now changing and a patient today can get easy access to a doctor or other health care needs. The pre-booking of the vaccination online is another feather on the cap for the smart apps as it will help several Indians
especially in the rural India to get access to it easily.

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