• July 6, 2020
  • Pankaj Agrawal - Co Founder
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On numerous occasions, I walked the medical corridors either accompanying someone or seeking medical care for self. It may appear surprising, at the same time shocking- until now I never had the necessity of availing medical care through distant consultation either by video chats or other mediums.

And then COVID’19 outbreak happened, and someone just turned upside down my 45 years of medical care seeking experiences and then institutionalizing a new normal. In retrospect when I put my thinking hat to answer the most haunting question I discovered recently- why there existed No Need for Tele-consultation over the decades?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that all along 4+ decades I stayed pre-dominantly in Urban Cities where speciality medical care is densely available.

Approximately 70%+ Indian population is residing in Rural India and revealing statistics is approximately 80%+ Medical Specialist are homed into Urban parts of India.

India has huge geographic landscape with skewed availability of healthcare facilities. When transport & travel costs exceed treatment costs, it leads into compromised health attention.

New capacity building (such as New Medical Institutions, Public Hospitals, Advanced Medical Equipment, and availability of Trained Healthcare Professionals in Rural India) perhaps will be little longer journey in the country which host 1370+ million people.

If that be the case, Government & Society at large will be compelled over time to create equality of Right to Good Medical Care. Increasingly underprivileged in deep rural parts of India would need modes and means of access to speciality medical care. This has been perineal and consistent problem that remained for decades in Rural India.

COVID-19 pandemic did not distinguish between Urban and Rural population

This pandemic havoc that we are recently witnessing has at least brought some positive changes in India’s Health Policy and Regulatory framework where Telemedicine Guidelines 2020 was released permitting the use of Digital ways of medical consultations (Audio/Video consultation) by Doctors.

The need for having alternative mediums of care such as e-Consultancy with Doctors, never felt more important ever before.

The way I see things changing over time-

Doctors and other Healthcare Providers have witnessed need for Telemedicine practice, made an attempt to learn new ways of doing things and experienced it’s utility. And hence e-Consultancy would find it’s feet deeply rooted on accounts of optimization of time, associated travel cost, access to speciality doctors in different and distant locations. It will also find merit in non-emergency, regular repeat consultations and has potential to promote domestic & international medical tourism.

Sometime adversities tables new changes in the eco-system. Medical e-Consultancy is one such sustainable change which has potential to strike equilibrium and promote equality of medical care amongst Urban and Rural India.

WONDRx is deeply committed to facilitate the Equality of Medical care by ensuring deeper reach of e-Consultancy platform subscription for Doctors across Urban and Rural parts of India

Pankaj Agrawal - Co Founder

Pankaj Agrawal - Co Founder

Busy building Health Technology Start-up which pivots on Integration of Healthcare Eco-system through digitization of prescription records.


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