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Technology is a crucial part of a human being’s life today. It has revolutionized each and every sphere of life. It has made many impossible things possible within minutes. Internet is till now the best creation of mankind and through internet today one can change and better the aspects of human life and healthcare too. 

Internet is a part of life today, whether it is for academics or for shopping or for booking flights and hotels, seeing the tourist destinations, or meeting new people, it has covered it all. Today in India internet also caters to the healthcare industry. There are several applications which can be easily downloaded in the phone to buy medicines without stepping out of the house and often there are attractive discounts offered which one does not get in their local medicine shop. 

The WONDRx company has come together with a plan to make healthcare apps available to all. Often the people living in the rural areas do not get the equal opportunities for healthcare as compared to the people living in the cities. WONDRx has built a unique platform combining healthcare with technology and its mission is to serve the rural people who do not get access to healthcare along with the urban people. 

The company has developed two applications and both the applications can be downloaded in smart phones. One application named WONDRx Provider App is for the doctors. The doctors can set up their digital clinic where he or she can invite their old patients to join in and also treat new ones. The process is very simple. The doctors will need to download the application and then create a profile. The profile will be visible to the new patients as well who can take appointment with the doctor. The WONDRx Consumer App has been developed for the patients. Today amidst this pandemic that we all are experiencing, people are scared to go out and visit their doctor or even earlier this pandemic when getting an appointment with a good doctor was not always feasible, the founders of WONDRx understood this problem and decided to make healthcare easily available. The online doctor consultation advantages are plenty. The WONDRx team chooses well-qualified doctors to be a part of them. The patients can book their appointment with these doctors by simply using the app. 

  • First, the patient will need to download the WONDRx Consumer App from Playstore on their phone.
  • Secondly, go to eConsult Doctors section on your home page
  • Thirdly, select your Doctor for eConsultation and book an appointment. 

WONDRx has curated a list of experienced and reputed doctors from almost all fields for you. The patient can choose your preferred doctor and book the time slot for eConsult. The doctor will provide consultation in video or audio or chat and the patient will also get an audio instruction from the doctor too. 

From now on, good healthcare facility will be available to all people irrespective of location.

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