• June 6, 2020
  • Pankaj Sindhu - Founder
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Well, it is said that habits die hard and when the habits are of the Doctors – consider the same to be part of their DNA. This is what goes true with the Handwritten Prescriptions (Rx) by the Doctors. While thousands of Typing based digital solutions have come up, we still have 90% plus Doctors Handwriting the Rx instead of Typing on a new age Digital solution. Are the Typing based platforms not easy to use? Do they not cover the scope? Are they expensive? etc; well none of it seems to have the real impact for non-adoption the Typing based solution.

There is something more basic and fundamental that has discouraged the Doctors from adopting the new age Digital Typing based solutions. Let us look at this change from a Patient’s perspective. Patient takes the appointment with the Doctor, pays up a good amount for the 5-15 minutes discussion, enters the Doctors chamber and this Doctor has a Laptop/Tab based EMR solution. Well the conversation starts hereon between the Patient and the Doctor; the Doctor is busy keying in the various fields of the EMR solution with entire focus on the Tab/Laptop just in case he doesn’t miss out anything or doesn’t make a mistake in any checkbox or dropdown on the EMR. Patient goes on with the detailing with a hope that Doctor will make an eye contact, give the touch-n-feel, will give a hope etc which the Patient is so used to. Alas!!! nothing of this sort happens, Doctor is done with the entire fields entry on the Tab/Laptop and the Printed Rx (Prescription) is on the table with a final smile form the Doctor and the call for next Patient comes up.

Well, is this what the Patient would want? What experience the Patient will leave the clinic and how this experience will result in word-of-mouth marketing for the Doctor. While talking to a few Doctor friends, many Patients could not contain the patience of Doctor’s EMR data entry and in mid of the Doctor’s focused activity many Patients asked the Doctor if the Doctor is done with playing video game on the Tab/Laptop and if the consultation can start for which the Patient has paid the good sum 😊. On the contrary, new age EMR Digital solution proponent will always want the Data aspects to be pointed above the in-clinic human interaction aspects, will always put the analysis above the words of hope and the much wanted ‘all is well’ from the Doctor.

Providers behaviour

Providers behaviour in the clinic is driven by the Consumers demands – Patient still need the touch-n-feel while in clinic, still the eye-contact is so much wanted by the Patient, still the words of hope & ‘all is well’ from the Doctor matters. Doctors cannot afford to change this behaviour. We understand that the Doctor to Patient burden is huge across the globe and by mandating the Typing at the Doctor end, it reduces the productivity of the Doctor tremendously, it blurs the relationship between Patient and Doctor – Are we forcing the Doctors to be the most expensive typists in the world by enforcing new age Digital based solutions mandating the Typing phenomenon? Which side would you have your vote on (a) The Handwritten Rx (b) The new age Typing based Digital solutions (c) or you are the unique innovative one looking for Handwriting the Rx and still getting the benefits of new age Digital solutions and maybe more 😊

The third innovative and unique community has WonDRx for them where they can continue to handwrite the Rx and still digitize every single handwritten medical record and relate to the patient through the Smart Rx paper.

Pankaj Sindhu - Founder

Pankaj Sindhu - Founder

Pankaj is a proven Serial Entrepreneur with 20+ years of total experience in Healthcare domain. He carries an in depth understanding of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare market !


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